Jul 25

Slow WiFi in Windows 10

Recently I’ve switched my Internet provider. The new one delivers Internet trough optic fiber to the last mile and the speed should be 100MBit/s. Speed tests over a cable confirm the speed is very close to 100 MBit/s. I however noticed some lags and slowness on my laptop when using WiFi which was not expected. Speedtest.netshowed this:

The results are far away from what I would expect! Again, when attached via LAN cable – everything is fine.

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Oct 30

AppLocker doesn’t work: settings are not loaded or even applied

Consider the following scenario:

  1. You ensure your Windows version supports AppLocker
  2. You ensure Application Identity service is running on the target computer
  3. You configure a GPO to block some applications with AppLocker
  4. You deploy the GPO and use gpupdate /force on the target computer to refresh its policy
  5. You expect AppLocker to work, but it doesn’t
  6. AppLocker’s eventlogs are enabled BUT are empty:
    1. Applications And Services Logs\Microsoft\Windows\AppId
    2. Applications And Services Logs\Microsoft\Windows\AppLocker

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