Jan 18

What is Sonoff and how to configure it

Remote switches, Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart home in general are quite trendy nowadays. There are plenty of trademarks and devices that allow you to switch lights, heating, garage doors etc via an application on your mobile / web page.

There is one very popular gadget among the Smart housers – the Sonoff. It is actually a trademark that includes various kinds of remote switches. Sonoff devices are getting more and more popular these days because they are small, cheap, cloud ready, easy to use and have built-in AD/DC converter (i.e. no external power supply is needed, just a cable to plug it in the grid). Some sonoffs can be controlled via RF keyfobs.

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Apr 13

Първи стъпки с Arduino (SoftUni) – Проектът

Петте седмици от курса отлетяха толкова бързо! И дойде време за проект и защита 🙂

В последния момент и много на бързо (така се стекоха обстоятелствата) успях да сътворя нещо семпло:

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