Jan 03

What is Add-PrinterDriver actually used for?

As of Windows 8.1 / Server 2012 R2 there is one beautiful cmdlet -Add-PrinterDriver. It dramatically simplifies driver/printer installation.

Naturally you will be tempted to install a driver from an .inf file like this:

Add-PrinterDriver -Name "HP Universal Printing PCL 6" -InfPath "C:\Install\HP\hpcu160u.inf"

But you will be blamed:

Add-PrinterDriver: One or more specified parameters for this operation has an invalid value.

So it does not work as you/we may think. Sigh… So then what it is used for?

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Dec 14

Set-ADUser : Insufficient access rights to perform the operation when setting the Title attribute in Active Directory

Представете си, че имате обикновен потребител в Active Directory домейн, примерно Updater@pkg.lab. Искате той да има право да променя полето Title на определен списък с потребители.

Атрибутът Title отразява длъжността (т.е. Job Title) на потребителя в организацията.

За тази цел сте делегирали права Read/Write за атрибута Title в определени организационни единици:

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